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posted Oct 4, 2016, 3:26 AM by Tom Culpepper
Today we're starting the programming unit!

0) COPY Minecraft to your desktop if you haven't yet.  You'll find it at
S:\LanierHS_528\Student Work\Shared\TechEd\Culpepper
Don't run it from the shared drive.  Copy it to your desktop.  Once you copy it to your desktop, make sure you are running the copied version and not the one on the shared drive.  Don't forget to copy the entire Minecraft folder to you desktop.

1)  While you're waiting for everything to copy to the desktop, fill out the form I'm bringing around.  I'll collect them shortly.  There is also a form for you parents to fill out.  This paperwork has to do with our class being used in a study with Georgia Tech.  

2)  Did you forget to copy it to you desktop?  Do it right.

3)  The IP address for a direct connect server will be up on the board.  Your user name will be firstnamelastname.  For example, Spanky McGee's username will be spankymcgee.  Your password is your student number.  Some of you have special usernames because your names was long or similar to someone else's.  If you login doesn't work come see me.

4)  Once you're in the server look for the info block.

5)  I'll review some basic computer commands.