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15 DEC

posted Dec 15, 2016, 3:41 AM by Tom Culpepper
The final exam is Monday.  Today you have the opportunity to take the practice final exam and ask any questions you may have.

Test replacement
A few people have asked about retests, test replacement ect.  After thinking about it ,here's what I can do:
If you get a higher grade on a section of the final exam than you did on the corresponding test, then the grade on that portion of the final exam will replace your test grade.

Fred Beamer scored a 25 on the Binary Test because.  After recovering from the initial shock of such a low grade he picks up the shards of his shattered ego and learns the material.  When he takes the final exam he only scores a 70.  However there were ten binary questions on the final exam, nine of which he answered correctly.  This means even though his final exam grade is a 70, he answered 90% of the binary questions right.  His 25 will be replace with a 90 on the final exam.

Alfonzo M. Combong decides that Lua is dumb and not worth learning because he's not good at it.  He scores a 79 on the Lua Test.  His parents are furious he would not get an A or B on a test.  He takes the final and scores an 88.  However, he only answers half (50%) of the Lua questions correctly.  His test grade will remain a 79.  At least its not replaced with a 50.