Computer Science Principles during periods 1A and 2A.

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Projects and assignments for this semester (updated with name and dates form gradebook)
ADVENTURE!  (Adventure Project from 7 MAR)
repl - part five  (repl.it coding: 05 from 28 FEB)
Career Research  (from 16 FEB)
repl - part four  ( repl.it coding: if statements with or/and from 3 FEB)
MC - buildAWall   (Minecraft: wall Builder from 1 FEB)
repl - part three  (repl.it coding: strings from 23 JAN)
repl - part two  (repl.it coding: Spheres from 13 JAN)
repl - part one  ( repl.it coding: volume from 13 JAN)

Project Rubric Links from last semester
Project portfolio assignment (Performance Exam 10%)

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