About Mr. Culpepper

Mr. Culpepper teaches programming at Lanier High School.  Introduction to Digital Technology, AP Computer Science Principals, and AP Computer Science.

This is Mr. Culpepper's second year teaching Computer Science at Lanier High School.
Before that he taught math at Grayson High School for five years.  You can ask him for help with math.
Before that he taught math at Chattooga High School in Summerville, GA for two years.
Before that he taught English at Asahi Junior High School & Asahi Elementary School in Japan for two years.

Mr. Culpepper studied Computer Science at Georgia Tech (and graduated).  He also has a Masters in Math Education from Kennesaw State.

Mr. Culpepper lives with his wife, Mrs. Culpepper, son, Gabe and dog, Cooper.

Mr. Culpepper also serves in the Georgia Army National Guard.  Sometimes he misses school because of that.